Quality and characteristics of our cement tiles.

The prices for monocolor and decorated tiles are very competitive. Request catalog and price list. Post models number of meters and the destination country and local code for detailed budget.

We manufacture 20x20 Cm. (7,9x7,9 in.) Tiles. all colors of the models can be combined based on the color palette found in our catalog.  We can also produce your own original designs or discontinued models.


The quality of our encaustic tiles is optimal. YOU CAN ORDER FREE SAMPLES * so you can verify and admire the product to be acquired  (only transportation costs).

Tiles made of lead-free components and asbestos. The color is very beautiful and quality through our inorganic pigments

Pressing homogeneous quality cements. Good thickness of the surface layer are the secrets that guarantee a beautiful floor strong and durable. Our tiles are manufactured with care and one by one